The School Fees for 2017 can now be found on the College Website under

Enrol > Fees – Australian Residents

Please note on page 2 of the School Fees document that from 2017 there is an option to pay in full by 23 March 2017 to receive a 4% discount on the Tuition Fee portion of the School Fees. In order to receive this discount you will need to contact the Finance Office prior to the payment being made.

The school fees policy is also available on the website.

All existing direct debits to bank accounts and credit cards will recommence from February 2017 based on the new fee amounts. 

2017 Fee Statements will not be emailed, instead they will be available in Parent Lounge on the College website in mid-February.  Statements are found under the “Make a Payment” Tab “School Fee Accounts”.  Prior year statements can also be found in this Tab.

Toni Martin
Finance Manager

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