Dear Parents,

Please find below what I believe to be some helpful information written by Dr Leanne Perry, the Executive Director of the Queensland Catholic Education Commission, with regard to changes to senior assessment in Queensland starting with students entering Year 11 in 2018.

Senior Secondary Assessment Taskforce

On Monday March 21, the State Government announced key decisions made by the Senior Secondary Assessment Taskforce.

A summary of the decisions are the following:

  • Most senior subjects will have four summative pieces of assessment. This will include three school-based and one external assessment.
  • School-based assessment will not be scaled against the results of the external assessment when calculating subject results.
  • External assessment results will generally contribute 25 per cent towards a student’s subject results in most subjects and 50 per cent in mathematics and science subjects.
  • Inter-subject scaling will be endorsed to provide weighting to differentiate the complexity of subjects as part of the ATAR calculation process.

I believe these reforms will enhance the senior program of study and assessment for our students and I expect there will be a smooth transition to the new system by 2019.

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) have released a series of FAQs following the announcement earlier this week. Please click on the link to access the FAQs.

Best Wishes,


Peter McLoughlin

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