A Marist Education

Marist College Ashgrove is a member of Marist Schools Australia, an organisation that draws together Catholic schools which shape their identity and mission through the spirituality and educational approach that was introduced into the Church by St Marcellin Champagnat in the early nineteenth century, and which has continued to be developed by the Marist Brothers and Lay Marists. 

The Marist school has the gospel of Jesus Christ at its heart. Marist educators seek to live out their response to the gospel with the same faith, hope and love that Mary did.  Like Mary, they seek to bring Christ-life to birth, in ordinary ways and even in the most unlikely of people and places. Their Marian approach is to nurture, to teach, to gather, to reconcile, and to stand with young people so as to give each and all of them reason and means to believe, to hope and to love. Like Mary at Pentecost, they locate themselves with what Marists call “l’église naissante”: the church as it comes to birth.

To the extent that their resources, facilities and programs allow, Marist schools are open to all families which may be attracted to their distinctive way of drawing faith, culture and life into harmony through Christian education.

Our College History

Marist College Ashgrove was founded by the Marist Brothers as a day and boarding College in 1940. As a Catholic school, owned and conducted by the Marist Brothers, the College is maintained through the efforts of the Catholic community whose sons it serves. Preference in terms of enrolment is given to young men from Catholic families who retain their contact with and support of the Catholic community their local parish. 

The College motto, “Viriliter Age—Act Courageously”, challenges each person to envision a more just and compassionate world. The College provides wide ranging programs encompassing academic achievement, the visual and performing arts, sporting success and service activities.

The ethos and mission of the College are significantly influenced by the charism of the founder of the Marist Brothers, Saint Marcellin Champagnat.  From their beginnings in rural France in 1817, Marist schools reflect many of the qualities of Marcellin himself: they are places where hard work and excellent achievement are valued, places where the individual is genuinely loved and prized, where a strong family spirit is evident, places characterised by a lack of pretence, places of simplicity and calm determination. The College is a place that has the Gospel at its heart, encouraging students to respond with the same faith and generosity that Mary did.

Marist College Ashgrove stands proudly as a Marist school living in the footsteps of Saint Marcellin Champagant.

Our College Mission

We are a faith community, based on the life of Jesus Christ and the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church. As was Champagnat’s, our vocation is to make Jesus known and loved, and we draw on the inspiration of St Marcellin and the Marist characteristics of family spirit, presence, simplicity, love of work and being in the way of Mary. Our students are encouraged to demonstrate good scholarship, a love of learning, independence in thought and action, and the readiness to take responsibility for their own formation.

Members of the College family act courageously and stand in solidarity, committed to the creation of a more just world.


Our Goals

  • To foster the personal and spiritual growth of each Marist student
  • To draw Marist students into responsible participation in the life, mission and work of the Catholic faith community
  • To empower students to follow the Marist way of living the Gospel in order to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today


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